Denis Schnoebelen hands over the reins of the MANTION group to Martial Devaux

Type of magazine: Press specialized in glass, glazing, window and closure

Magazine : Magazine Verre et Protections – N°129

Date of issue : January – February 2022

Page(s): 274

Periodicity: Bimonthly (7 issues/year)

Journalist: Christian Faivre Delord

Country: FRANCE

Website: Verre et Protections



The carefully planned transition took place smoothly in January 2022. The changeover will give the MANTION group new impetus, guided by its new chairman.


Martial Devaux will be joined by Florian Cunin, who will take on the role of CEO in the course of the year.


“Honest, ambitious in all the right ways and full of enthusiasm, Martial Devaux is the right man to inspire our teams, meet new challenges and steer projects in keeping with the values of the MANTION group”, says Denis Schnoebelen, who has been working with Martial Devaux for three years now.



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