Our core business :

 sliding systems

Since 1920, MANTION has been designing, manufacturing and marketing sliding systems for two different sectors:


  • Construction: Sliding systems for doors
  • Manufacturing and Industry: overhead monorail handling systems

Reliable products to customer needs

In line with its strict quality policy, all MANTION sliding systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure they systematically meet the most stringent international standards.


With more than 4 500 product  references, a special product offering and a thriving R&D department, MANTION will always have or find the right solution. 



  • Doors of any size, from a few kilos to 3 tons
  • Sectional, folding, up and over doors, etc.
  • Fire doors, gates, shutters, glass doors, etc.


COMPONENTS FOR HANDLING SYSTEMS for installations withstanding loads of up 2 tonnes:

  • Steel and aluminium overhead beam and jib cranes
  • Automated conveyors, indexing, lift stations, etc.
  • Shunting, turntables, indexed distributors, etc.



MANTION markets all its products under the internationally known SPORTUB, HERCULE and MINISPORT brand names.


  • MINISPORT® offers a wide variety of sliding system ranges for interior fittings, as well as timber, metal or glass doors – PICO, PICOSTAR, MA, SAF, SAFGLASS.
  • SPORTUB® is a comprehensive range of sliding systems for industrial sliding or folding doors.
  • HERCULE® offers a full range of sliding systems for heavy industrial doors, fire doors and cantilever gates.


MANTION also offers a wide range of high-quality accessories for doors and shutters: stops, hinges, shutters-stays, locks, door handles, etc.