From wrought-iron to sliding door accessories – a few key MANTION dates


MANTION was founded by Alexandre Mantion. At the outset, the company specialised in manufacturing wrought-iron products.


MANTION developed its business to include the manufacturing of sliding door systems for the farming sector. Soon the company was equipping farm buildings all over France. It also gradually expanded onto the residential building market.


The company moved to Trépillot industrial estate, near Besançon, which is still home to our main manufacturing site and our head office.


MANTION implemented a demanding quality policy. Ever since, the company has been able to guarantee that customers will receive products which are consistently high quality and meet market expectations.

1993 to today

The company has gradually been building up its presence on the international scene. It has opened offices in Europe (Germany in 1993, a second French office in the Franche-Comté in 2001, Poland in 2003), Asia (India in 2003, Dubai in 2014, Singapore in 2015) and North America (Canada in 2016).


MANTION extended its competencies by acquiring Wimove, which specialises in motorisation for the building sector.


Thanks to a wealth of success, the group was able to expand and renovate its Besançon plant, extending the footprint to over 20,000 m2.



Today, MANTION equates with: 200 highly experienced employees, over 28,000 m² (20,500 m² in Besançon) operating with the latest technologies, and a catalogue offering more than 4,500 product references.


MANTION is the European specialist in roller accessories and rails for doors and handling systems.