Professional organizations by our side

The MANTION Group plays an active role in the development of European standards for sliding systems, through organizations such as:

L’UNIQ: The French Association of Builders’ Hardware and Locks, which brings together French and European hardware manufacturers to promote our sectors, defend our industrial professions and represent us constructively in exchanges with national (CETIM, public authorities, UNM, AFNOR, etc.) and European institutions (ARGE, CEN, etc.). The association plays a crucial role in advising the European Commission on decisions relating to quality labels, standards and so on. Mantion is actively involved in the governance of UNIQ.


UNM: French Standardization Office for Mechanical Engineering


ARGE: The European Federation of Associations of Locks & Builders’ Hardware Manufacturers, which plays a key role in promoting our industry, contributing to standardization, communicating about best practices, and providing support to European institutions (European Commission, CEN, CPE). Mantion is involved in the governance of ARGE.


CETIM: The Technical Centre for Mechanical Industry. Mantion contributes to the builders’ hardware commission.


UTBM: The University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard – we work with the university on research programs and regularly welcome engineers on placement.


FVSB: Fachverband Schloss- und Beschlagindustrie e.V. Our German subsidiary actively contributes to this German association of builders’ hardware and locks.


ZPOB: Zwiazek Producentow Okuc Budowlanych. The Polish Association of Builders’ Hardware and Locks.


UIMM: French Union of Metalworking Industries


EPB: Besançon School of Manufacturing


The Royal Saltworks in Arc-et-Senans.