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New products | 01.07.2022

New range of Aluminium Jibs!

AERIAL HANDLING : New range of PURTEC aluminium jibs by MANTION !

MANTION is proud to present its new range of PURTEC aluminium jibs.


It is composed of :

  • Wall-slewing jib cranes


  • Column-slewing jib cranes

With a pure and resolutely modern design, these jib cranes handle a maximum load of 600Kg.

Among the strong points, we can highlight :

  • Designed according to ISO 13001 standards;
  • 5 anodised rails with identical bearing chambers;
  • Easy maintenance thanks to removable axles;
  • Smooth rotation up to :
  •     180° for wall-slewing jib cranes;
  •     270° degrees for column slewing jib cranes;
  • Incomparable ease of movement;
  • Sideways guided carriage on ball bearings and reduced play in the rail for a perfect and silent sliding.


This new range also offers 3 types of accessories: adjustable braking of the rotation, adjustment of the angle of rotation of the stem and setting in parking position when not in use.



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