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Events | 24.01.2019

Meeting with IAE students

MANTION supports learning


Why did you choose MANTION?


MANTION is an important international group and a leader in its sector. That’s the main reason we decided to choose this company. However, we had also heard a lot about MANTION by word of mouth. Lastly, the company SARL SOSADEM in Morocco also recommended we choose this company as the father of one of the students works there. We also chose MANTION for its intercultural management approach, which we found very interesting.


Beyond discovering more about the company, what are your expectations regarding MANTION?


We hope to receive a very thorough and detailed presentation of the group to get a better idea of what MANTION stands for and learn more about its business sector. We would also like to visit the company sites to better understand the group’s line of work and get a feeling for the different types of site. Lastly, we also think that a presentation of the different departments would enable us to appreciate the challenges faced by the company and the group.