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Group News | 31.08.2022

Florian CUNIN takes over MANTION France

Florian CUNIN becomes the new General Manager of MANTION France

Since the beginning of this year, a new organisation chart has been taking shape for Mantion. A few months after the arrival of Martial DEVAUX as President of the Group, things are changing at the head of Mantion France.


Thus, Florian CUNIN, by handing over the General Management of Mantion Canada and Mantion USA to Stéphane DEPATIE, will take over the responsibility of Mantion France as of September 1st 2022. Florian has been with the MANTION Group for more than 20 years, having managed the Bourquin Décolletage company and then set up the MANTION SMT company, located in Genlis (21), France, on the road to success.


Since January 2018, he has been in charge of the implementation and commercial development of Groupe MANTION on the North American continent. A mission that he has successfully accomplished with his entire team!


With his business expertise of more than 20 years and the management of 3 different subsidiaries of Groupe MANTION, Florian CUNIN takes the position of General Manager of MANTION FRANCE (MANTION SAS) with the current President Martial DEVAUX, to support him in an operational and strategic way.


We believe that he will be a great right-hand man.

We wish him every success in this new responsibility!