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New | 16.02.2022

New MANTION Showroom to discover

The MANTION showroom is distinguished by its original layout

The MANTION sliding systems are presented in a beautiful showcase of 19 different worlds, highlighting the most important products.


From the sliding shutter to the sliding cupboard door, via large bay windows in folding sliding, the showroom has a particularly careful design.


A reflection and design around the house that puts the sliding mechanisms in the right situation from the outset.


The entire policy of this new concept has been defined in order to perfectly meet customers’ expectations.
A way of revealing to them the constant search for innovation.


The MANTION showroom fully expresses the atmosphere and the world of the home in which to live.


This new renovation project now offers a beautiful tool to the sales teams and marks the 102nd anniversary of MANTION.


Visits available by appointment with the sales teams.


Contact us to make an appointment and visit our Showroom.