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Den europeiska standarden


A safety insurance regarding the performance OF FITTINGS FOR sliding doors :

Simple and efficient :

By requiring the characteristics of a product according to the European standard, you will avoid inconvenience such as bad sliding, blocking or early wear.

What does the European standard Fpr EN 1527:2018 indicate ?

It defines objective quality criteria for a complete set of fittings for sliding doors (tracks, brackets, hangers, stops and guides) :

  • Corrosion resistance (resistance to salt spray)
  • Durability (number of cycles)
  • Initial friction (initial max. force required to open and close the panels)

It determines the conditions in which the tests have to be made. This allows an easy and real comparison between different competing products :

  • Door under 200 kg Height : 2 meters - Width : 0.80 meters or Height : 2 meters - Width : 0.80 meters
  • Door over 200 kg Height : 2 meters - Width : 2 meters

It indicates the performance of fittings according to the tests results :

  grade 1 grade 2 grade 3 grade 4 grade 5
CORROSION RESISTANCE [C] 24 h* 48 h* 96 h* 240 h* 480 h*

* Numbers of hours of resistance to salt spray (Standard EN1670)

INITIALE FRICTION [F] grade 1 grade 2 grade 3
Gate of 50 kg 50N* 30N* 10N*
Gate from 51 to 100 kg 80N* 50N* 20N*
Gate from 101 to 200 kg 90N* 60N* 30N*
Gate more than 201 kg 5%* 3%* 2%*

* (10N) : 10 newton correspond to a force of approx. 982 g to start movement of panel

** : percentage of the mass

  grade 1 grade 2 grade 3 grade 4 grade 5 grade 6
DURABILITY [E] 5000 c* 10000 c* 25000 c* 50000 c* 75000 c* 100000 c*

* number of cycles

Mantion certifies* the performance of its fittings for sliding doors and gives you the guaranty of high quality products.

The different Mantion products have been designed, produced and tested to be used together. In order to avoid any technical problem or early use of fittings, require MANTION products.

* This guaranty of durability applies to complete sets of Mantion products : tracks, hangers, brackets, stops and guides which are used and installed according to Mantion instructions (capacity and number of cycles).