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You choose the type of hanger according to the place of installation, the frequency of opening.

For instance:

  • outdoors : it is recommended to use steel rollers, series 200.
  • indoors : nylon or delrin rollers, series 200
  • in corrosive environment: stainless steel
  • for a frequent use: use the series 2200 with ball bearings

Yes, we recommend maintenance, at least twice a year, with some thick grease or a lubricating oil. This ensures you longer durability and a good running.

You must use the accessories which have the letters S in their number and the brackets 8578C, 8578L and 8578, since these items are especially made for heavy doors .

Yes, in this case, choose the hangers and the track by taking the weight of only one door into account.

Yes, is is mostly important to take other factors into account such as wind, for instance. It is more difficult to operate a door in a windy place. In this case, use the range of the next bigger capacity. For a wooden door, the rain considerably increases the weight of the door. In this case, also use the fittings of the next bigger capacity.

The best solution is to use stops placed at half of the height of a light door and and on the top and the bottom of the side of a heavy door. But never put a screw through the track, this would damage the hangers and lead to an early wear of the track.

2 hangers are to be used for a better stability and a better load repartition allowing an optimum running. Never hang 3 hangers on a panel.

The ideal position of hangers is at a space of 1/10 of the panel width from the door edges..

No.The galvanised or plain track should never be welded. Welding may strain and twist the track, this also leads to an early use of the hanger.

Yes. Indeed, this is essential for smooth and efficient running.

Tracks must be joined with jointing brackets, particularly the press screws, which enable a perfect assemble without any stagger of the tracks thanks to the screws, avoid any risk of flexion and reinforce the tracks.

The maximum space is 0.70 metre for a normal version. For a S version hanger, the space to use is 0.50 metre because of the heavy weight of the door (S versions hangers are used for door of more than 500 Kg).

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