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Capacity/Door: 80 kg
Door thickness: 8 - 10 - 12 mm
Track: Aluminium
Movement: Straight

Synchronised straight sliding system for double glass door of 8 - 10 or 12 mm thickness, combining refined design with smooth rolling.

  • The choice of synchronisation system is based on the thickness of the glass and on the weight of the doors.
  • Thanks to the clamp, there is no need to drill the glass in any way.
  • Practical: the clamp can be mounted with or without pelmet (no drilling on the visible side).
  • Clever: Rollers equipped with a ball joint that improves.


Gear for SAFGLASS SYNCHRO – opening 2.2 m max.
  • Gear for double synchronised 8mm door
  • Gear for double synchronised 10mm door
  • Gear for double synchronised 12mm door