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- Type A-B-D-F: 120 kg
- Type E: 100 Kg
- Type C: 80 Kg
Track: Flat track with "black" finish
Movement: Straight

Stylish sliding system on flat steel track for doors up to 120 Kg.

  • COMFORT: damper closer system (follows door to its closed or opened position) in each fixing kit.
  • DESIGN: a unique look with our "black" finition
  • CUSTOM SYSTEM: 6 differents type of hanger to make your own interior design
  • QUALITY: hangers are equiped with polyamide wheels to offer and guarantee an unequaled rolling comfort (guarantee 100 000 cycles)

Fitting kits

Fixing kits
  • Fixing kit - maximum opening of 950 mm
  • Fixing kit - maximum opening of 1200 mm


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