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CE Marking


Depending on type and use, Mantion group’s products may be subject to certain CE marking requirements:


A. CE marking under the Machinery Directive: MD (rev. 2006)

Some of our products can be incorporated into moving assemblies similar to machines (e.g., fittings included in a motorised gate, or a lift station for overhead handling coupled with a monorail). These component products that are part of a larger assembly do not need to be CE marked. Only the overall final assembly—the installed machine—needs to meet Machinery Directive CE requirements.

In the case of motorised components included in the final installation, such as lifting stations or automated conveyors, we can provide a Declaration of Incorporation that is then used by the project owner as part of their application for CE certification under the Machinery Directive.


B. CE marking and the Construction Product Regulation: CPR (2013) Mandate 101

The Construction Product Regulation requires products defined under Mandate 101, and covered by harmonised European standards, to be CE marked. This is especially true for products with fire-resisting, sealing and smoke control/evacuation characteristics, and according to the same Mandate 101, fire doors on escape routes as well as compartmentation structures on these same escape routes.

Fittings for sliding doors are excluded from this CE marking for two reasons:

1) They are not included in the products listed in Mandate 101

2) Sliding systems used for a sliding fire door are an integral part of the overall fire door mechanism designed by the door manufacturer. It is the manufacturer’s sole responsibility to ensure that their mechanism passes the relevant tests to receive CE marking.

As a result, Mantion cannot market products preemptively as fire-door components. However, it can market product components that a manufacturer may integrate specifically into their own closing mechanism (a fire door in this case), enabling this overall mechanism to obtain the relevant certification and be CE-marked.


C. CE marking and Electromagnetic Compatibility: EMC (rev. 2014)

All products that emit electromagnetic waves must undergo EMC testing to prove that their use will not prevent other electromagnetic devices from operating correctly.

All our shutter and door motors, along with any other electromagnetic systems designed, manufactured and marketed by the Mantion group, undergo EMC testing and are CE-marked.