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Group News | 14.03.2018

MANTION's catalogues are an important vector of communication

MANTION & its catalogues


A new range of themed MANTION catalogues are now available to cover all your needs: shutters, cupboard doors, separating doors, glass doors, heavy-duty doors, etc.

There’s so much choice you’re bound to find what you need!


Our catalogues are very practical and help promote MANTION’s outstanding product ranges.

They now offer a presentation of the range, detailed product descriptions accompanied by visuals of the products on their own or in situation, technical drawings, and more.


“Even in the age of all things digital, our customers and partners still enjoy browsing through our paper catalogues with their clear layout and wealth of information,” says Christophe Sergent, marketing manager at MANTION.


MANTION has pulled out all the stops to enable you to put your projects into action.