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Group News | 10.07.2017

MANTION enters the fray

MOVENTIV® - MANTION SAS enters the fray - silently...


Nominated as a candidate in the Innovation competition at BATIMAT – The International Construction Fair, MANTION demonstrates the reinvention of movement, presenting THE FIRST silent, connected motorised system for sliding doors: Moventiv® by MANTION.


Ultra-quiet, ultra-attractive, with unequalled power as it can actuate glass and wooden doors (up to 120 kg) over 1,000,000 cycles with a single control for 2 motors. The control of the door movements is perfectly synchronous… : maintenance-free control, from a smartphone.


1.2.3 system! Supplied fully equipped for the relevant dimensions.
1. Install
2. Fix
3. Adjust (using the MOVENTIV® app)…


Silence in motion with MANTION.


Don’t miss the Mondial du Bâtiment Innovation Awards Ceremony on 18 September at Le Trianon, Paris 18th.