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Our jobs and skills

Multiple integrated skills

Constantly striving to improve its performance, Mantion incorporates many different industrial activities: cutting, welding, shell-metal working, cold-forming etc.

The Mantion head office is located in Besançon (France) and employs 85 people. It has gradually appointed specialized companies. While remaining independent on the industrial and commercial levels, these subsidiaries enrich the internal skills of the group and generate strong synergies:

  • Bourquin décolletage

This subsidiary with a team of 35 people covers an area of 3000 m2. 
Specialized in skiving process, it puts its expertise at the disposal of Mantion regarding the manufacture of components. But with others firms which are working in medical, food, hydro pneumatic, or nuclear fields.

  • Wimove

Located in France near Dijon, this firm is specialized in the motorization of building applications. Wimove develops motorized solutions for the Mantion Group and commercializes solutions to professionals. The Wimove team is made up of around 10 people and has 1700 m² of industrial facilities.